A New Look for eCollege

You may have noticed some changes around here!

digital skills

eCollege has had a makeover, we hope you like our new logo, colour scheme and website layout. 

We have expanded our range of learning providers and courses, so it was time for a fresh look to make our website easier to navigate, and to provide you with the information you need about part-time flexible further education and training opportunities online. 

We’ve refreshed not only the look of our website, but also how you can browse our catalogue of courses. At the top of each page on this website, you’ll find a link to our Course Catalogue. From the course catalogue, you can browse all of our course offerings, or use the filter option found on the left of the page to narrow down our list of courses based on your interests and learning goals.

While all our courses are still part-time, flexible and free, you can also now chose from courses you can join today, courses with fixed start and finish dates, courses with online tutor support, courses that are self-directed, courses that have formal accreditation, and courses that are designed for you to build your knowledge and skills.